23 Apr 2020 The Commission is currently developing the EU Ecolabel for Retail Financial Products within the framework of the Sustainable Finance Action 


Overview of all product groups and criteria The following table provides an overview of all groups of products and services that can be labelled with the EU Ecolabel. If the terms of validity are extended due to new EU decisions, the extended term of validity will be stated.

About us. Brands · General information · Company Profile  https://portal.nordic-ecolabel.org/Modules/Update.aspx?cm=118423d2-eee9-e511-9ce2- Products in Nordic Ecolabelled Buildings. Product  The number of products displaying an eco label is set to increase over the coming years as companies introduce their own eco labels and  General information from Livv AB. Rituals are only sold to contract customers. Become a contract customer here! We do not sell ordered goods and products  Anyah is a SPA-line of products that is certified EU Ecolabel or Ecocert. This products for your face, body and hair are formulated with delicate raw materials, highly  November 18, 2014 - June 30, 2023.

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Linking a world of environmentally preferable products and services The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) is a non-profit association of third-party, environmental performance recognition, certification and labelling organisations founded in 1994 to improve, promote, and develop the ecolabelling of products and services. EU Ecolabel for Financial Products March 2018 - European Commission Sustainable Finance Action Plan to achieve the EU climate and energy targets by 2030, adopted. The EU Ecolabel criteria to correspond approximatively to the top best (10 – 20 %) environmentally performing products according to the EU Ecolabel Regulation 66/2010 The EU Ecolabel is intended to enable consumers to identify more environmentally friendly and healthier products. The spectrum ranges from cleaning products to electrical appliances, textiles, lubricants, paints and varnishes to accommodation and campsites.

Alternative dry cleaning. Baby products with textiles. Candles.

Overview of criteria. Below you will find criteria for products which can be certtified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or the EU Ecolabel. For each product group you can find criteria and background documents, application form and information about fees.

MSC ecolabel user guide 2018 On-product use MSC-C-XXXXX PRODUCT NAME On product use Good to know • On consumer facing (retail) products you must use the MSC ecolabel to show certification of the product. The acronyms MSC When using the MSC ecolabel on packaging, or the organisation’s full name are not allowed on their own. Se hela listan på europa.eu 2021-04-07 · Lafarge first local cement maker to introduce EcoLabel products in Egypt. Egypt has outstanding opportunities as thriving market for environmentally friendly building solutions The European Union Ecolabel Award Scheme You can prove your product is environmentally friendly!

Ecolabel products

The EU has recently started exploring the possibility of an Ecolabel for financial products (investment funds, savings products, fixed-term deposit, and savings deposit accounts) and tasked its research committee – the Joint Research Committee or JRC – to work on it. The EU Ecolabel for financial products mainly relies on two ideas: 1.


By the end of 2010 a total of 221 products met the requirements of the Blue Angel ecolabel: RAL-UZ 79 (hydraulic fluids), RAL-UZ Ecolabelling Denmark is responsible for the two official ecolabels in Denmark – the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel. We control and certify ecolabelled products and services. Ecolabelling Denmark is part of the Danish Standards Foundation. Swan Ecolabel products The Nordic Swan Ecolabel make it easy for consumers and professional buyers to choose the environmentally best goods and services. x item items Se hela listan på europa.eu The Ecolabel is such a thing to help select products and services with less impact on the environment.
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Ecolabel products

EuP står för Energy using Products, och EuP-direktivet är samma sak som ekodesigndirektivet. Vad är genomförandeåtgärder och produktkrav? Produktkrav, eller  Motul offers a wide range of products (2T and 4T) specially formulated for stake for Motul, that is why several of our products are European Ecolabel certified. According to Article 6(6) of Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 the EU Ecolabel may not be awarded to goods containing substances or preparations/mixtures meeting  Toiletpapier met Dop 100m 2 Laags 36 Rollen ECOLabel.

Products with the Nordic  25 oktober är Global World Ecolabel Day som uppmärksammar de produkter is the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products. Nova is also certifed according to the European eco-labeling system Ecolabel, making it a sustainable choice. Nova can only be used on the product Tiles Nova.
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As a part of Johanson Design's environmental strategy, we put focus on the Nordic Ecolabel “Swan” on several of our products. First up is our 

”EU Ecolabel Products and Services - Ecolabel - EUROPA” (på engelska). ec.europa.eu. INGROSS offer a wide range of eco friendly products, labeled with he Nordic Ecolabel. It helps you to choose harmless products for you and our planet. Ecolabel Guide is developed to help consumers make sustainable choice of products based on the information that stands behind the label  INGROSS offer a wide range of eco friendly products, labeled with he Nordic Ecolabel.